Only 41 more days........

I absolutely cannot wait! 41 more days until "Sex and The City" hits theaters. There is only one other person as excited as me....her name is Tia (Charlotte). We are celebrating (belatedly..is that a word??) Tia's birthday on the weekend that SATC hits theaters and I cannot wait. We are getting dressed up, wearing heels, drinking cosmos, shopping and watching our girls come to the big screen. Now if someone would only make a move of "Friends".....hmmmmm.

Love from your friend, Carrie, I mean Rachel, I mean Julie.
I am so tired. I worked all day and then I was the entertainment at the birthday party of the daughter of one of my customers. The girls were so much fun! The birthday girl (Katie) was turning 13 and she had 5 friends over and I think they really enjoyed themselves. They got to make a 5 x 5 scrapbook page, candy basket and bookmark. They were almost as loud, chatty and crazy as my stamp club girls (I said almost...even 13 year olds can't beat them!) I will post the projects tomorrow after I get home from work (yuck!) Have a great Saturday! Thanks for visiting!

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