I have only one word to describe this movie.....fabulous!!!!! My friend Tia and I saw it last night and we were not disappointed. It was fabulous!! There had been much speculation about the ending, but I feel that it could have not ended on a better note. We are huge fans of SATC and were counting down the days until the movie release. You should have seen the theatre, there were girls in little black dresses waiting in line to see the movie. I guess it was a big night out on the town for them. For us, it was all about the movie and what a great movie it was. We are seeing it again next weekend with our friends, Ruby and Amanda, as we belatedly celebrate Tia's birthday. We will go shopping, have drinks, dinner and then see the movie again. I cannot wait for Ruby to see the "bonus" featured in the film. Something that you hardly ever see in a "chick flick". For now I will keep that little surprise to myself. And by the way, Mr. Big does not die! And, Jennifer Hudson was so very sweet in this movie. Great acting job and lovely character!


Saturday Night's Recipe Swaps

I was so excited and happy to have the girlfriends come over and just do some fun stamping with me. I haven't been able to stamp with my friends in a long time. I am mostly teaching a class or instructing at stamp club, so it is nice to have all the girls over and just be able to sit down and stamp with them. From previous experience I have learned that it can be chaotic, so in order to be able to have a project that we can actually focus on and finish, I borrowed and idea from a fellow stamper (Thanks, Tonya Klar) and asked if everyone would be interested in creating 6x6 recipe cards for swapping. It worked out really well. I called the night "PMS Night" which meant pizza, music and stamping and that is just what we did. We had such a great time stamping, chowing down and laughing! I was happy that one of my newer customers, Diane, got to meet most of my stamp club members and that we all seemed to fit in well together. We also got to spend time with Tia's dear friend Denise, whom was visiting from Canada. She is a very lovely girl and really seemed to enjoy herself. She did a super job for a first time stamper! I just want to thank everyone for making it a fun night and I hope we get to do it again soon! I also want to give Tia an honorable mention for her Starbuck's Tea recipe card. She used cute little bags from Starbuck's that really gave her page a unique element. Way to go, T! I have posted all of the recipe cards below so you can check them out. They are numbered and Tia's cute little Starbuck's card is #14. Have a great Memorial weekend and please take time to remember the loved ones that have passed.

Saturday Night's Recipe Swap

#1 and #2 photos are Diane's recipe swaps.

#3 and #4 are Sandra's recipe swaps

#5 and #6 are Amelia's recipe swaps

Saturday Night's Recipe Swaps

#7 and #8 are Denise's recipe swaps

#9 and #10 are Ruby's recipe swaps

Saturday Night's Recipe Swaps

#11 and 12 are my recipe swaps

#13 and #14 are Tia's recipe swaps


What a night!

What a great night! David Cook wins American Idol and performs with my all time fave Bryan Adams! What more can a girl ask for? Congrats David C. you deserve it!


New blog to check out!

Here is a new blog that I think you will love. I first heard about Jaron Winder from my friend Kim (my SU upline). Jaron works for Stampin' Up as a speaker/demo who travels around the world presenting at SU functions such as regionals and conventions. I had heard many great things from Kim about how entertaining and funny Jaron's presentations were. I attended my first SU! regional in Oakland this past February and was lucky enough to see Jaron in action. He is one of the funniest people I have ever seen! He really made the experience humorous and memorable, so I was very excited to stumble across his blog (linked from Life with Shannon, another great SU! employee). His blog was under construction until this week and he has finally made his first post today. You can check it out here: http://jaronsjunkdrawer.blogspot.com/. You gotta love this guy! Let me know what you think!


Tart and Tangy part 2

Please excuse my terrible scan of these pics. I am having difficutly scanning photos because I normally use Photoshop, but for some reason my scanner will not let me use that program today, and I have to resort to HP Image Zone, which I really don't care too much for. I could have taken a staged photo, but quite frankly I just don't have the energy today.

Anyway, here are the remaining 3 cards that were made in Friday night's class. Hope you enjoy them. The card with the 3 strawberries features the background images stamped in Versamark, which made a really cute patterned paper. Well, I must get going. I am having the stamp sisters over next Saturday night for PMS (pizza, music and stamping) and I need to get some projects together.

Friday Night's Tart and Tangy Class

Here are some of the cards that my students made in the Tart and Tangy class that I taught on Friday night. I will upload the other 3 cards later.
These were all made using the Tart and Tangy Stamp Set, Summer Picnic Paper and various other words from current stamp sets. Remember, the Spring/Summer MINI CATALOG ending date has been extended to JUNE 30th so you will still have time to get all of those items on your wish list!

Who is this daredevil?

Who is this daredevil? That would be my daddy, Bob. He will turn 70 yrs old on June 19. This is a picture taken of him in 1970. He is riding on a local dirt track. He used to race on the local circuit and has a jillion trophies to show for it. Anyway, this pic will be going into the Modesto Bee Newspaper on Sunday, June 15th with a birthday greeting, I hope you will look for it!


Happy Mothers Day!

Here is a rare treat: a picture with Natalie smiling. She hates having her picture taken, but she did it so I could make picture magnets for her grandmothers for Mother's Day. Now Lindsey does not look so happy in this pic, but I had to used it because of Natalie. I hope everyone has a great Mother's Day. I know I will. My hubby is grilling chicken for us (me, mom and mom-in-law) today and then I will be watching movies: 27 Dresses & P.S. I Love You. And maybe stamp a little a little something just for me!

May Stamp Club Meeting

Today was our May meeting of the Stamp Tramps. Only 3 girls out of 6 made it, but we had fun. The girls had 3 projects to make: 2 card ideas that I got from my SU! upline, Kim, and one of the projects that I demo'd at last week's Stamp Camp. It was a 5 x 5 scrapbook page using "Live Your Dream". The card that used the Summer Picnic paper gave the girls options to choose their own colors, patterns and embellishments. I love to see how each person used their own ideas to create something brilliant! My friend Ruby changed her "Love" card to "Bride" because she had a bridal shower to go to later in the day and she needed a card. My pal Amelia always changes up her cards and I love to see what she comes up with each time.

Starting from the top photo: Amelia's cards, Ruby's cards, Sandra's cards, Amelia making her card, all of those girls hard at work.

We had a lot of fun today and afterwards we went to Las Casuelas Mexican Restaurant for a late lunch. My friend Ruby and I then went shopping for a gift for the bridal shower she was attending later (nothing like waiting until the last minute, Ruby). We had a ton of fun picking out a picnic basket full of goodies for the bride and groom (Hi Kayla and Steve) for their Hawaiian Honeymoon themed shower. I will post a pic of that later.


It's finally Friday!

What a great day! I took a little break from work this morning and checked out Patty Bennett's blog and much to my suprise I found my card the subject of today's post. I enrolled in one of her upcoming classes and mailed my check in a card that I designed for a recent open house and she posted it with some very nice comments. I was very pleased and very honored as you all know that I think she is a stamping goddess! This is her picture and if you want to check out her post click here http://pattystamps.typepad.com/. You will first see her great post on making bracelets with the SU! Build-a-brad kit, but if you scroll down you will see my card. I am so thrilled! I actually made this card with cardstock and ribbon that was leftover from one of the SU! Christmas Promos. It was quite simple and it features one of my favorite stamp sets: Kind Thoughts. I just love that butterfly!
Well, I am beat. Left work on time today, but came home and busted my butt cleaning the house for stamp club tomorrow. Where does all of the dust and dog hair come from? Oh yeah, from the 3 dogs that live with us. What was I thinking? Have a great weekend.


Stamp Camp Project

Here are some of the projects that I designed for last week's Stampin' Extravaganza in Modesto. The top card is favor card with a pocket inside to hold a gift card, Ghirardelli Chocolate, or tea bag. This was one of the projects that the guests made, because it was quick and easy. The other project was a 6" x6" scrapbook page using the Pretties Kit. I dyed the flowers with Purely Pomegranate and Sage Shadow Inks. The stamp set that I used was "Pretty Amazing" and I have to say, I think the finished project was pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. I tried to make one of my stations at stamp camp kind of wedding oriented, so I created these 2 projects along with a clear envelope photo album (you will find this in an earlier post) and also a gift box. I will post the gift box later.

In case you are wondering, the couple featured in the picture is not myself and my husband. I needed a current wedding picture that would fit on my page, so I borrowed this pic from an amazing blog, called "Confessions of A CF Husband" Here is the link: http://www.cfhusband.blogspot.com/ If you haven't checked it out yet, you really need to. It will really restore your faith in God. This couple (and their baby) have been thru so much the past few months, you just won't believe it. I found their story to be one that is very inspiring and I check this blog every single day to follow the progress of the wife (her name is Tricia). If you read their story and then look at the wedding picture you will totally understand why I used it in my project along with the quote that I stamped.

Anyway, that's all for tonight. Still working long hours and barely have time for my kids, so I must keep it short. I have to give Natalie her spelling test and a shower. I will post more after Stamp Club this weekend.

Sorry about the glare on the pics, I really need to invest in a better camera.


This is your next American Idol!

Here is our next American Idol. David Cook rocks! His version of "Teenage Wasteland" tonight was the bomb! Just wanted to say that. Now it's time to go watch Apollo and Julianne return to "Dancing with the Stars"!

Oh yeah! The movie "PS I love you" was released on DVD today, so you know who was at Target with her certain Canadian friend to pick up our copies so we could absolutely drool over Gerard Butler. If you haven't seen this film you need to. It will rip your heart out, but you won't feel it much because you will be too busy staring at Gerard to notice. My #2 all time fave movie (#1 is Steel Magnolias)! Super duper soundtrack as well.


Exhausting Week!

So sorry for not posting this past week. Too much overtime at work, prepping for Stamp Camp on Saturday, and being hit by a flying mattress on the freeway has taken up all my time. I am recovering today and prepping for next week's Stamp Tramp Meeting, but I will post my Stamp Camp Samples a little bit later. I will also post the winning card contest card, made by a wonderful lady named Tonja!

Speaking of Stamp Camp, thanks to all of my customers that attended Stamp Camp in Modesto on Saturday. We had wonderful feedback! Some people even told us that this was the best stamp camp that they had ever attended! Everyone loved the location (Modesto Covenant Church) in Modesto and wanted to know when the next one was scheduled. I met a lot of new, wonderful people and was very happy with the responses that I got on my projects. Keep watching my blog and website for info on the next one!