I have only one word to describe this movie.....fabulous!!!!! My friend Tia and I saw it last night and we were not disappointed. It was fabulous!! There had been much speculation about the ending, but I feel that it could have not ended on a better note. We are huge fans of SATC and were counting down the days until the movie release. You should have seen the theatre, there were girls in little black dresses waiting in line to see the movie. I guess it was a big night out on the town for them. For us, it was all about the movie and what a great movie it was. We are seeing it again next weekend with our friends, Ruby and Amanda, as we belatedly celebrate Tia's birthday. We will go shopping, have drinks, dinner and then see the movie again. I cannot wait for Ruby to see the "bonus" featured in the film. Something that you hardly ever see in a "chick flick". For now I will keep that little surprise to myself. And by the way, Mr. Big does not die! And, Jennifer Hudson was so very sweet in this movie. Great acting job and lovely character!

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Tia said...

Do you know it was Steve's mother who was supposed to die, so obviously it was blown way out of proportion.

Can't wait to see it again and for Ruby to see the bonus... do you think she'll still hate us after it's over?