Saturday Night's Recipe Swaps

I was so excited and happy to have the girlfriends come over and just do some fun stamping with me. I haven't been able to stamp with my friends in a long time. I am mostly teaching a class or instructing at stamp club, so it is nice to have all the girls over and just be able to sit down and stamp with them. From previous experience I have learned that it can be chaotic, so in order to be able to have a project that we can actually focus on and finish, I borrowed and idea from a fellow stamper (Thanks, Tonya Klar) and asked if everyone would be interested in creating 6x6 recipe cards for swapping. It worked out really well. I called the night "PMS Night" which meant pizza, music and stamping and that is just what we did. We had such a great time stamping, chowing down and laughing! I was happy that one of my newer customers, Diane, got to meet most of my stamp club members and that we all seemed to fit in well together. We also got to spend time with Tia's dear friend Denise, whom was visiting from Canada. She is a very lovely girl and really seemed to enjoy herself. She did a super job for a first time stamper! I just want to thank everyone for making it a fun night and I hope we get to do it again soon! I also want to give Tia an honorable mention for her Starbuck's Tea recipe card. She used cute little bags from Starbuck's that really gave her page a unique element. Way to go, T! I have posted all of the recipe cards below so you can check them out. They are numbered and Tia's cute little Starbuck's card is #14. Have a great Memorial weekend and please take time to remember the loved ones that have passed.


Carrie Cudney said...

I loved looking at all the cute recipe pages! It sounds like you had such a fun night - plus look at all the awesome recipes!!! Thanks for sharing!

Stampvamp said...

Ooooh!!! I LOVE the idea of a PMS night!! How cool is that? Am I missing the pics of the recipe cards ya'll made?? I want to see! (btw...yours was my fav card)

Stampvamp said...

Forget the dumb prior comment...I had linked directly to the post...now I am looking at the pics.