This is your next American Idol!

Here is our next American Idol. David Cook rocks! His version of "Teenage Wasteland" tonight was the bomb! Just wanted to say that. Now it's time to go watch Apollo and Julianne return to "Dancing with the Stars"!

Oh yeah! The movie "PS I love you" was released on DVD today, so you know who was at Target with her certain Canadian friend to pick up our copies so we could absolutely drool over Gerard Butler. If you haven't seen this film you need to. It will rip your heart out, but you won't feel it much because you will be too busy staring at Gerard to notice. My #2 all time fave movie (#1 is Steel Magnolias)! Super duper soundtrack as well.


Your Certain Canadian Friend said...

OMG!!! I love, love, love him!

T. Canada said...

And by him, I mean Gerard Butler - I don't even watch America Idol so I have no idea who that guy is.