Tia's Sex and the City Birthday!

Here we are enjoying our drinks at Fuzio! Don't you love our lovely feather accessories? We wore them all night long and random people wanted to know what they were about.
From left: Ruby, Me, the waiter's butt, Tia and Amanda. That was one strong drink that I had. It was supposed to be a Mango Sangria, but it tasted like nothing but Rum and Wine. Needless to say, those that know me know that I am NOT a drinker, so my legs were like Jello when we left place!

Yes, I am sure that I violated every copyright infringement law by duplicating the soundtrack for my 3 friends, so let me just say that if you haven't purchased this soundtrack, you really need to, especially if you are a SATC fan. The song "Labels of Love" by Fergie is a very catchy, upbeat reworked version of the theme song from the SATC tv show. The tracks by Jennifer Hudson and India.Arie are very good as well.
A few Saturday nights back, the girls (Tia, Ruby & Amanda) and I went out for a belated celebration in honor of Tia's 20 + 11 birthday. We went out for dinner and drinks at Fuzio, saw the "Sex and the City" movie (again-I could see it 100 times), hung out at some festival/concert thing in downtown Modesto, had dessert at Firkin & Fox (Irish Pub) and then paid a visit to the local "toy store"! All in all we had a really fun night (in spite of the protesters outside of the Brendan Movie Theatre - they were not going to rain on our parade!). Here are the party bags that I made for the SATC theme that Tia wanted. I wanted to have something modern to go with the movie (hence, the feather on the bag to match Carrie's hideous wedding feather in the movie) so I used black, pink, lime and a soft turqoise. Inside the bags were CD holders that I made with copies of the soundtrack inside as well other items that tied into the movie:
Triple X Vitamin Water, Decorator Tissue (for the sappy scenes), nail polish with names that matched scenes in the movie, scrapbook pages to save our memories on, some really cute purse memo books w/pens (Thanks to $1.00 bin at Michael's) as well as Hershey's Rasberry Chocolate Bliss Candy (just because the wrappers matched everything else)! Everyone seemed to enjoy them and we all painted our nails before we went out!

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