Stupid memory card!

Hello all! I have so many cute pics to show you of Saturday's Stamp Club projects. However, the stinkin' memory card that came free with my BRAND NEW CAMERA is a dud! It will not work at all. I have emailed Costco for a replacement and they are nice enough to give me a new one, but I cannot get my pics onto my pc. I know they can be transferred using the cord, but I am too retarded to figure that one out, so I must wait until my daughter does it for me. She is mad at me right now for not buying her the new FALL OUT BOY CD that came out today. Little does she know (and she won't see this as she doesn't give a poo about my blog) that I got if for her stocking. Anyway, I just spent 3 hours making 2 awesome Christmas presents on Shutterfly for my mom and mom-in-law for Chrismas, so I am about done with this computer. I will try to get her to help me tomorrow. P.S. I will share Shutterfly gifts after Christmas. They are so awesome. If you haven't checked out Shutterfly here is the link: http://shutterfly.com

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Anita said...

I know about kids being mad at you. I agree with computer stuff. I have to have Katie help me.