A moment of gratitide.

If you have followed my blog then you know that I occasionally write about my stamping experiences as a demonstrator. I can quite honestly say that becoming a demonstrator has been one of the best choices that I have made in my life, after getting married and having kids, of course! My creativity has blossomed, my self-confidence has grown and I have learned so much....but nothing compares to the people that I have met. I owe so much to my friend Karen C. for introducing me to Stampin' Up and to stamp club. She had become a hobby demo so she could enjoy SU products at a discount and she was kind enough to share her discount with me. She then convinced me to join the stamp club in which she belonged and to sign up as a demo so that I could get my own discount Once I attended club, I was hooked! Her friend (and our demonstrator) Kim created the most beautiful projects for us and just gave us such a good time that I knew I would never want to leave that group. An added bonus was the group of wonderful ladies that met once a month to learn something new and wonderful from Kim. I did not ever intend for this "hobby" of mine to become a business, but thanks to my wonderful group of friends and mentoring from my new friend, Kim, my little hobby soon took off. My friends saw all of the beautiful projects that I was making at Kim's and asked if I would start my own stamp club so they could learn as well. I did and 3 years later I have my own club with 9 members plus a half dozen of regular customers. And now, I have something that I have been striving for, the next step in my little business, I have signed up a new demo, which means that I too now have the beginning of my own little team. But this is not just any recruit, no, this is my best friend, Ruby. This means more to me than I can express. This means that I can share with her all fo the joy, knowledge, and friendships that I have made as a demonstrator. I am part of such a wonderful team of demonstrators and now my friend can share that with me. She has met some of these people at stamp camp and classes but she will now get to experience everything that I have told her about. This is not just a hobby, or a business, this is much greater than that. I know this sounds sappy but the steps that I have taken with my hobby and now business have really enriched my life and nothing makes me happier than sharing that with one of my closest friends. I am thankful to my friend Karen C. for giving me the first step on this path and I am especially thankful for my friend (and upline) Kim, who has nurtured me and helped me succeed in my venture and also to Beverlee and Karen F. who are always there with praise and positivity and are so good to us girls that make up their "downline". I am also very fortunate to have met so many awesome women that started out as customers but have ended up as my friends. We share not just our love of stamping, but our everyday lives as well. The people that I have met is what is most important to me...but the stamping is a close second! :) Enjoy your weekend!

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Anita said...

Thanks for sharing your story. That is fantastic that Ruby has joined you.