Gotta love Paris!

Love the "Chic Boutique" stamp set!  Here is a card that I made recently to "audition" for a new shop opportunity.  This Eiffel Tower image is always a great seller and I usually do it in pink and black but I thought I would go bolder this time.  Great news: it worked!  I am very happy to say that my cards will now be featured at Vintage Market in downtown Turlock.  I absolutely love that shop and was hoping that I could get in.  I will be sharing a rack with my Unique Boutique partners, Ruby and Shelley.  I am hoping that  sometime in the future we can obtain a larger space so that more of my demo team can make and sell their beautiful creations as well.  We hope to get our cards in by the 18th of this month, so if you are downtown for the Taste of Turlock event on May 1st, make sure you stop by the shop and check it out.  They have such unique and gorgeous items for sale.  You can also view their Facebook page here:

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bydesign.blogspot.com said...

I love the colors you chose for this card. It gives you the feel of Paris! Perfect!