Food for thought.

My camera charger has still not arrived and my daughter cannot find her camera in her PIT of a bedroom, so I cannot share the FABULOUS cards that I came up with over the weekend! Soooo, until I get caught up with pics of my projects I would like to share are a few of my favorite NON-STAMPING blogs.  Yes, that is right, I do have blogs saved to my faves that are not stamping related..heehee. But these are no ordinary blogs, they are authored by the most EXTRORDINARY (hope I spelled that right) people.  I call these blogs FOOD FOR THOUGHT, because they are not fluff, they are real stories told by real people that posess the wonderful gift of writing (and photography for a few).  They make you think, appreciate, laugh and cry, whatever, but your day will be better because of it.  When I am feeling low and challenged by life's curve balls, I go to these blogs to be cheered up, enlighted, reminded of how lucky I am and to just think.  Here are a few of my most favorite in no particular order and the reasons why I like them so much:

PearMama's World    (love this So-Cal mama of many because she is just SO REAL and if you are a mama too you will totally get her humor.  The post attached the this link is one that we can all relate to and will also touch your heart.)

NieNie Dialogues (I believe that there are people on this planet with superhuman qualities, people that could be considered an actual super-hero of sorts.  You might have seen Stephanie Nielson and her magical husband Christian on Oprah or the Today Show, but you will not fully understand her story until you read her blog, and I mean really read it.  If you go back to the post dated August 15, 2008 and begin there, you will not be sorry.  She was a blogger before her accident and continued to do so when she recovered enough to return to it.  She is someone that has cheated death and counts her blessings every day and we all can learn a lot from her, I know I have.)

Confessions of a CF Husband (This is the blog of Nathan Lawrenson, who is another magical husband.  His wife Trisha has Cystic Fibrosis and her story is extraordinary.  I found this blog to be so inspiring and their story so unusual and magical, (the only word I can think of to describe it) that I emailed a letter to Oprah, telling her that she needed to get them on her show.  I got no response, but we will see.  I linked back to a quick rundown of their story and I hope you will read it and be as inspired as I was.)

WhittakerWoman  (This is the blog of Heather Whittaker and she is just an awesome mom!  Her hubby is Carlos Whittaker and he also has a blog called Ragamuffin Soul.  They both rock, but what I love most about Heather's blog are how she documents EVERY moment of her family life.  The good, the bad and the ugly and it is all so wonderful.  She does one thing that just amazes me every time.  She plans these themed family nights and comes up with the coolest activities, decorations, meals and gifts for her children and all on a budget.  You know I am crafty so it just blows me away every time she shares her family nights with her readers.  You really must check her blog out.)

So there they are, some of my faves.  I check in on these blogs once a week and just enjoy them so much.  I hope you take the time to read them when you can, they are just so entertaining and thought provoking (and much better than anything you will find on TV right now).  If you check them out, let me know what you think!

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