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Here is a picture of just one of the pocket planners that are now available on our holiday collection rack inside Vintage Market (between the front doors).  These make great inexpensive gifts for co-workers or neighbors or can be added to a gift bag or basket for a friend or family member.  I have 2 more designs  to share with you over the next few posts and I am creating a bunch more tonight for our holiday rack at Unique Boutiques.  They will be in that store on Friday afternoon, just in time for the awesome Boutique Crawl on Saturday.  If you have not done the Boutique Crawl yet, you really need to.  Ruby and I and some other friends did the first one and it was amazing.  You get the ultimate shopping experience, party bus from boutique to boutique, a very tasty lunch and swag from all of the shops.  It is fantastic and will be stepped up this go round because all of the stores will be ready for the holidays, so you can get a jump on your holiday shopping and have a great day out with your girlfriends all at the same time.  You can still get tickets in Oakdale (Modesto and Turlock tickets are sold out) at:

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