A Personal Note...

Hello stampin' friends,
Those of you that regularly look at my blog have probably noticed that I have not been posting as much as usual, so I thought I would share why. I am not usually one for putting all my personal business "out there", but I felt that this would be easier than having to tell each of my customers and stamping friends individually. I currently have a few big changes happening in my personal life, the biggest one is the fact that my husband and I are separating and the girls and I are moving to our own place in a couple of weeks.  Now before you start feeling sad for me, I want to say that this change will be a positive one for our family, all of us, including my husband.  I think once we all get over the big transition, our lives will be filled with positivity, peace and happiness and I know for sure that I will find out how strong I really am...lol!  I know there will be challenges and it is scary, but it is truly time for a change for me and my girls.  If you are one of my local stamping friends, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so supportive of me, my family and my Stampin' Up! business.  I plan to grow my business even more, so I can have even more financial stability with my new "single mom" status...so don't be surprised if you begin to see a ton of classes appear on my schedule in the near future. Stamping has been a godsend for me and I am not about to cut back on what makes me happy, brings me new friends and adds to my income.  So, say a little prayer for me, think good thoughts or wish good karma, whatever you believe in, and know that I have made it this far with the wonderful support of all of you, my friends and sisters.  And keep watching for some new creations over the next few days!

God Bless,


Anita said...

You know I will help you any way I can with this new transition. Looking forward to seeing the new classes.

Julie Ramos said...

Thanks so much, Anita. You are such a good friend.

"LZ" Linda Z. said...

God Bless you and your family. I don't know you, but enjoy your blog. Best of luck with your future endeavors.

sonia-studio60 said...

Hello, Hola!
First time here, I found your blog on another Stampin Up Demonstrator.
Love your creations.
I know how you feel... God Bless your and your family and remember keep Faith every time.
Good Luck!
I'm a new follower.
Greetings from Puerto Rico.